13 Myths About Palmistry Exposed by an Online Psychic

Introduction: Palmistry has been practiced for several generations with varying success and progress. It is believed palmistry originated in Asia and quickly spread to the world. However, despite its widespread practice, there are still several myths or misconceptions about the art of palmistry. Can palmistry foretell the future, the nature and character of a person by simply reading the shape of their palms? Is there a connection between the shape of your palms and destiny? If so, what pointers and guides do palmists use to create realistic readings that connect with each individual?

It is commonly believed and accepted that palmistry spread from India (given its strong relevance in Hindu spiritual beliefs) to other parts of the world via Tibet, China, and Greece. It has been used over the centuries variably across cultures and civilizations till what it is today. Below we dissect common myths about palmistry.

Common Myths on Palmistry Dissected

1. Palms Lines Are Static

Myth: Observing palm lines or the shape of the hand can completely foretell the future. Palm lines change with transformation, and finger shapes can evolve.

Reality: No palms readings are static. They change as palm lines change and impact the future. Palmistry foretells a transient future, as destiny isn’t static.

Myth: It’s possible to tell the precise profession simply by looking at palms and hands. Hands may show potential and talent within, but that may not illustrate talent use. How can one point out a specific profession?

Reality: Whereas some may possess healing talent, it may specify a medical doctor, a nurse, a housewife, a psychiatrist, a counselor, a spiritual healer, etc. It is hard to point out specifically from any of these. 

3. Foretell Exact Future Family Size

Myth: Palmistry can accurately predict the subject family size that the person will have, nor their names or gender. Not about your relationships with them. Nothing about children can be seen from the hand.

Reality: Children and spouses (husband or wife) and children’s genders (male or female) may be subject to biological placements or dictates.

4. Foretelling of Life Expectancy or Span

Myth: Life or death aren’t easily foretold or confirmed from the hand as death is visible in varied areas. It isn’t a fixed, immutable occasion neither is it fate. 

Reality: Whereas there are accurate pointers of a person’s natural vigor, strength, vitality, or general health curve, palmistry can’t precisely confirm inherent diseases. Several people have lived beyond the predicted end of life with an extended lifeline

5. Ability to Know Education or Professional Qualifications

Myth: It is possible to foretell a person’s level of academic education by studying palms and hands. With strong academic excellence pointer lines.

Reality: A person’s educational excellence is clarified through an interest in academics, a desire to excel, thinking capacity, and concentration power.

6. Foretelling of Wealth Generation Capability 

Myth: It is possible to tell the wealth generation capacity or riches through palms, present, and future. 

Reality: Wealth and its interpretation are relative to the owner’s view. Palms tell perceptions of palm owners, not actual wealth figures.

7. Precise Current Geographic Bearing and Location

Myth: Palms don’t show precise geographic locations at a specific time. General shifts may be visible at varied moments. The shifts can be due to jobs, careers, or life situations.  

Reality: Sometimes, geographical bearing and location may affect a subject’s thought process. Such changes can’t be seen in the palms. 

8. Palmistry Variates Between Subject Hands

Myth: Palmistry cannot have similar information about every person. That is especially when reading palm lines. Palms lines are different as some may have more lines than others on average. That means the same issues and events impact them differently. 

Reality: Palm lines are related to individual sensitivity and emotional quotient. Palm lines form due to connections between the brain and nervous system. There will be sharp differences in how different people react to the same situations and issues in life.

9. Most Active Hand Reveals Emotional State

Myth: The most active hand reveals the present state of mind, and the passive hand reveals the past. The passive hand reveals destiny, and the active hand demonstrates potential and ability.

Reality: Whereas there are pointers, true inherent ability, destiny, and potential are still driven by several other factors.  

10. Possible to Predict Identity, Name, and Race from Palms

Myth: Palmists cannot tell the subject’s race, name, identity, or gender just by looking at their hand and palm prints. Just reading palms, it is even harder to predict things like ethnicity or race. 

Reality: However, predicting the gender of the subject is possible through physical examination of the hands. There are unique differences between feminine and masculine hands.

11. Life Specific Events and Occasions Aren’t Visible in Palms 

Myth: Specific events are not visible from the human palms, like passing examinations or winning lotteries. There is no concrete evidence to support the claims fully. 

Reality: Palms and hands mays have pointers in their physical shapes that state the present life phase; easy or hard. They may reveal whether the subject is at ease or under severe stress. It may reveal the source of discord and the ways to overcome it.

12. Foretelling with Certainty Possibility of a Move

Myth: although the possibility of a move is predictable, it is fairly hard to prove with accurate suggestions. You cannot foretell the precise location of the places of relocation or move.

Reality: any subject anticipating a move has changed perception. That can be expectant jubilation or fear that increases the intensity of reactions. There will always be some form of indication of the palms if the move is expected and welcomed or unexpected and worrying.

13. Palmists Don’t Need Composite Reading of Hand Features

Myth: Palmists don’t combine several aspects and features of the palm lines and hands. Every single line or feature is interpreted differently. And hand shape is relative to length, and fingers and mounts are primary study areas. 

Reality: Hand reading takes into account and considers all hand aspects before passing any interpretation in true palmistry. 

Conclusion: Palmistry is believed by many practitioners to have evolved from Vedic Astrology to formulate its special identity today. With the expertise of palm reading service Pinole CA, it takes years to master as the practice involves several years of studying palms, skin textures in areas of study, finger flexibility, line thickness and thinness, and mount sizes. These are vital points to keenly study and formulate precise opinions based on standard Vedic principles and philosophies.

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