Basic Rituals for Reward Yourself During the New Moon New Moon

The New Moon brings the energy of renewal and Rebirth to the Spirit

It is believed that the New Moon is an opportunity to renew your life– a chance to begin afresh and reset your goals. Energy of The New Moon promises a phase of manifesting, achieving and achieving your goals.

A ritual performed on the new moon is an esoteric way to connect to the forces that are much larger than we are. Through tapping into energies that this New Moon graciously shares with us, we can harness the strength and power within us to be the creators of our world.

Simple New Moon Rituals

Candle Ritual

Make your intentions clear during this New Moon. Select a word or two that best match your intentions. Make the words into the candle. When lighting the candles, you should meditate and think about your goal. Once you are ready, light the candle.

Rites of Burning and Release

This ritual will help you release any weight that has been hindering your progress. To make room for the new, you must eliminate any tension that prevents you from realizing your full potential. Make a notepad and note down the things you’re in need of letting go of your most. Select the most relevant emotional or negative thing you would like to let go of towards the Universe. Burn the paper following that.

Ritual of Cleansing Ritual

When you are experiencing this New Moon, take this occasion to purify your home. The physical space that we live in that is where we eat and breathe, sleep– could be an instrument for negative energy. Get rid of unwanted energy by burning palo santo, or sage. It is also possible to make use of singing bowls to reset the energy vibrations in your living space. Imagine that the moon’s new phase as an empty page where you are called to participate in the beginning of the new chapter. It is a time to plant new seeds by completing an initiation ritual for the new moon. This is the ideal opportunity to start, develop and make space for you to transform your dreams into reality.

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