Law of Karma Explained

The Laws of Karma Provide Us with powerful guidance to improve Our Way of Living

” The law that governs Karma is cause and impact – an unbreakable law of universe. Your actions create your future. The reason why your destiny cannot be sealed is due to the fact that you are a free-will citizen. So, your future can’t be written. It wouldn’t be fair. Life is full of opportunities. This is just one. “The Tree of Awakening

Energy is everywhere. Even our thoughts and feelings are constantly moving. According to this theory every action we take generates energy and either way or another, that energy returns to us in different forms. This is known as Karmais a philosophical approach of life that helps us become the best version of ourselves to lead a happy life.

The 12 Laws of Karma

Law of Cause and Effect

Be aware that all of our actions and thoughts both positive and negative are accompanied by a result. What you plant, will take. You can expect that the results will be related to the way you behave or think and feel.

Law of Creation

We all are active creators of the lives we experience all around us. Our environment and our circumstances originate from our desires. As a human being that is part of our universe the co-creators of our world.

The Law of Humility

Be humble enough to recognize that what you are experiencing at the moment is a consequence the actions we take. Once we are able to accept the present moment, be able to make adjustments in accordance with the present moment.

Law of Growth

You do not have control over other people and the world around you. Change and growth come from within. The reason is that real change is based on what you are able to control– and that’s you.

Legal Responsibility

Every aspect of the turbulence that occurs in your daily life is the reflection on your internal condition. This law concerns self-responsibility. Keep in mind it is you who are the outcome from your decisions.

Law of Connection

Everything is interconnected. It is important to recognize that our present, past and the future are all connected to one another. Your present self is a reflection of your history while the present affects your future.

Law of Focus

In many cases, we are surrounded with so many issues that we are unable to focus on the important things. It is important to focus on just one thing at a moment to see the desired results regarding your spiritual development.

Law of Hospitality & Giving

Give your all and create space for those around you. This also applies to sharing and dedicating your time to causes that you are truly convinced of.

Law of Here & Now

Let go to the present and let go of your past. When you remove yourself from the negative impact of your actions and decisions You are gaining the possibilities of the present moment.

Law of Change Change is never ending. Being aware of this impacts your perception of the present, past and the future. Be aware of your experiences as a way to create possible positive energies to be a part of your life.

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