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Introduction: palmistry has been around for several centuries as a Vedic belief attributed to Vedic spiritual research and discovery. Palmistry or chiromancy is thought to have originated from ancient Indian spiritual beliefs and culture and has profound propagation in Hinduism. It is considered a part of Astrology, another vital belief that correlates the placing of planetary elements to detect or foretell human events and happenings.

Palmistry, originating from ancient India, is now popular globally. It is now accepted and practised across several nations. It is seen as a way to precisely foretell future events in the present. And most humans want to be able to see or experience their fate or destiny by reading their palm lines, hand shapes and colours. They want experts like Palm Reading in Pinole California, to be able to tell them of basic realities and truths hidden or revealed with the right palm reading or hand shape reading.

How do you Start to Read Palms or Hands in Palmistry?

It is believed that each hand corresponds to or fits into the four major elements on earth. These are air, water, fire and earth. That explains the strong attachments of palmistry with astrology. It is possible to find several astrological signs in a subject’s zodiac or natal chart. Zodiac charts correlate planetary events and signs from the exact time, place and date of birth that recreate planetary cycles at that specific moment. They may help give pointers into a subject’s character and personality.    

In palmistry, there are five main lines on the palm. These are the lifeline, the heart line (also called the love line), the money line (also called the fate line), the headline, and the marriage line. Different lines correspond with different traits or personalities. 

Palm Line Meanings and Readings in Palmistry

There are varied palm lines on the human hand. And all are believed to correspond to and reflect a symbol in the earthly realm. These are some of the major palm lines.  

a). Life Lines 

Lifelines stretch around the thumb in an arc form. However, their length or shape has no bearing or correlation with the human lifespan. They are reflective of the practitioner’s health and physical vitality. 

b). Heart Lines 

Heart or love lines stretch across hands below the fingers. Heartlines point to or show the nature of the practitioner’s heart. They reflect feelings, reactions and emotions. 

c). Money Lines 

Money or fate lines stretch from the wrist to the middle finger. They show a practitioner’s real or potential fortune and career. Most practitioners will be curious to know their future position regarding their ability to generate wealth or income.

d). Head Lines 

Headlines are pointers or proof of the extent of intellect. Stretching between the index finger and thumb. They continue to the other side of the palms. Robust lines make many practitioners believe in higher IQ and intellectual disposition.  

e). Marriage Lines 

Marriage lines are fairly short. They are located above the love lines beginning the little finger. They are believed to show the practitioners close relations or marriage. Everyone wants compatible and good matches in a marriage. 

Basic Stages in Palm Line and Hand Reading 

Air Hands: characterized by square palms and long fingers. They show an intelligent, articulate, rational, and highly-driven person. The hand bearers are skilled and fast at ideation, tireless to pursue and achieve life goals and aspirations. Air hands are born intensely thoughtful, which is the downside to creative or highly-driven people.

Water Hands: epitomized by lengthy palms and graceful, slender fingers. The hand-holders are highly-imaginative, emotional, and sensitive. They have a high sense of imagination with a gentle spirit with the ability to win the trust of others. Conversely, quite moody or sensitive. 

Earth Hands: normally have square palms and short fingers. They show honesty, are steeped in tradition, have good morals, and are simple. The hand-bearers are balanced in thought and reason. They are into materialism over intellectualism. But they are hard workers, too, willing to sweat it out for the life they want or desire.

Fire Hands: seen with long palms and short fingers. They have passion, charisma, and enthusiasm. In astrology, the fire sign depicts leadership quality, risk-taking, and an adventurous spirit. They would rather be at the centre of attention, although sometimes not phenomenal.

Is Palmistry Real or Does it Work? 

Palmistry is the art that will study the structure, shape and form of a subject’s palms at any stage of their lifetime. They are believed to give pointers and cues based on the planetary elements at any stage of their lives. The palm lines aren’t static as they keep changing as the individual grows or changes in life. The main aim is to know or look into aspects of their character and life based on studying and reading the shapes on their palms. 

In palmistry, according to the best palm reading in Pinole, CA, hands are the key to luck. And they contain lots of information on every phase of the practitioner’s life. They are also believed to reveal yet-to-happen or present events in a practitioner’s life. These events may include vocation, career, marriage, health or romantic relationships. 

From ancient to modern palmistry, several mysteries have been cracked over the centuries by expert and experienced palmists. These facts make palm alive and real for all practitioners. 

Besides, when the past, present and future are unearthed, you know every intimate phase of your life. Therefore, practitioners can plan and shape life in a much better way. By the words of Jahben, a palmistry specialist, several secrets are hidden in your palms and of all those close to you. Life is much fuller and more meaningful and can be lived with a clear sense of purpose and conviction with palmistry. That makes palmistry real, relevant and working in the lives of the practitioners.    

Summary: it said there is nothing permanent or static, as everything evolves with time. So are human palm lines and hand shapes. A human’s fate may change with changes in palm lines alignment or hand shape. 

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