Numerology: What It Is and How Does It Work?

We are sure you’ll be great fans of the famous Harry Potter book and novel series. And if you have followed the series well, then you must know that the very famous character of Hermione Granger loved to follow and study Arithmancy. But do you know what exactly this is, Arithmancy?? It’s nothing but Numerology in the real world. Numerology is a very interesting study of numbers that has some relevance to our lives in one or the other way.

To your surprise, everything in this universe relies on the mystical properties of numbers that can sometimes leave you in awe! Therefore, we are here with some very rousing facts about Numerology, how it works, and does it have any relevance in our life or not. So, without any further ado, let’s initiate our discussion. 

What does the term “Numerology” stand for?

In simple terms, the science of knowing yourself with the help of numbers is known as Numerology. In Numerology, there is the use of numbers that acts as a key to human behavior and forms a bridge between microcosm and macrocosm.

You might not have paid much attention, but most people have some preferences for a unique set of numbers. Your subconscious mind senses an instinctive affinity to the vibration of a certain number or set of numbers, which is why you have certain preferences.

Consider Numerology as a part of the mathematical code that controls the cosmos. It enables us to comprehend these numerical vibrations by capturing the truth of our nature and then converting it into numbers.

When one enters the world of Numerology to unlock these vibrations, it can teach you more about your personality, highest work, problems, and life’s purpose. In addition, it can assist you in learning the fundamental facts about who you are and your existence in the world.

The history and birth of Numerology

Numerology has been followed for thousands of years. In studies, it has its significance back to the ancient civilizations of Greece, Egypt, China, Babylon, Rome, and parts of India.

The Egyptian and Babylonian civilizations provide the first and full-proof written accounts of Numerology. But there’s one question that will surely come across your mind “where did it first start?”

To your surprise, we still don’t have a dedicated answer to it, and finding one is quite challenging.

Despite having such a long history, it wasn’t until 1907 that the word “numerology” was penned down or recorded in English. The term “numerology” was first coined by Dr. Julian Stenton in 1907, and till date, it has gained much fame among people.

How exactly does Numerology work

It’s an inevitable and universal truth that everything in the whole universe possesses some kind of energy. And everything that exists tends to vibrate at a specific energetic frequency. Also, it’s interesting to know that each number holds some energy.

A certain number is associated with each person and is referred to as the core number. There are a total of five core numbers that exist, and they have come from two sources:

  • A person’s full name
  • A person’s Date of birth

An individual’s core numbers have some existing values, and they never change. Two of the five core numbers, [Life path and Birthday number], are based on your birth date. And the remaining three [Expression, Personality, and Soul’s Urge number] are based on your name.

It’s vital to know that there are several calculations that are involved in a numerology reading. These calculations have roots that date back in history and have relevancy with different numbers and number combinations having different meanings. To your surprise, a very basic reading of numbers can be very intriguing.

What are the important core numbers in Numerology?

As mentioned above, five core numbers in Numerology hold great significance while studying the same. So, it’s important to know each of them in depth:

Life Path Number: The most significant core number in your numerology chart is known as your life path number. It gives a general overview of your life’s journey and adventures.

Birthday Number: Because it is entirely based on the day of your birth, your birthday number is the one that is the simplest to determine. It reveals your unique ability and destiny in life.

Expression Number: The expression number is also known as your destiny number. It reveals both your mental and physical condition. It also unveils your inner talent and the goal you have set for yourself for the rest of your life.

Personality Number: The total number of consonants in your complete name is used to calculate your personality number. Your personality number reflects the side of your personality that you exhibit to other people. These are some aspects that you feel confident in opening up to the public.

Soul’s Urge Number: The soul’s urge number, as its name suggests, is a representation of the dreams that your heart and soul long for most. It is also associated and collected from your birth name, but this time you only need to use the vowels of your name.

Wrapping Up

According to Numerology, the universe is a system that has its core components as nothing but numbers. Indeed, this whole universe and we humans are under the same energy of numbers that can be realized with Numerology. 

A numerologist is one who can relate many different aspects of a person and translate them into meaningful numbers using a variety of techniques. And this is possible because they are aware that everything in the world depends on vibrations that can be equated to numbers.

The significance of numbers may then be used to better comprehend the universe and ourselves as individuals. By calculating things like your life path number, heart’s desire number, and expression number, you can gain insights into your beliefs and personality qualities. So, if you are keen to learn more about yourself and what your life has to offer, then Numerology can be your way to go!

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